Using an online journal (blog) in EFL writing: Learners’ perspectives (ED-MEDIA 2008)

ED-MEDIA 2008 paper: Using an online journal (blog) in EFL writing: Learners’ perspectives.

Abstract: This study seeks to research on blogs in education by investigating students’ perspectives. Students from two different junior high schools in central Taiwan were invited to participate in this study for eight weeks. Both qualitative and quantitative approaches were adopted, including interview, works on blog, and questionnaire. This study revealed that students had positive attitudes toward writing online journals with blogs. Other important findings yielded from this study are the following three themes. First, it engages students in critical reading and reflection and enhances their writing knowledge and skills. Second, the features of web links and the unpredictable feedbacks from peers attracted participants greatly. Third, writing diaries on a blog is not only a pure writing practice, but also is an activity of exchanging information and interacting with authentic context outside of classroom.

Authors: Shih-Ru Lin, Chung Shan Medical University, Taiwan; Shwu-jiuan Huang, Chaoyang University of Technology, Taiwan

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