The Shuttleworth Foundation 101

Shuttleworth FoundationAfter a full week at the Shuttleworth Foundation (SF) I’ve got a better sense of its overall goals and the space in which it operates.

  • The SF’s primary focus is on formal education in schools (all grade levels). Informal learning is also relevant if it contributes to the formal learning outcomes.

  • The SF operates in South Africa (SA), but with the hope that any applicable educational software, models and projects developed will be used internationally.

  • Many schools in SA face dire challenges: not enough educators, too many learners per class, lack of electricity, corrupt and defunct school feeding schemes, learners in grade 7 who still can’t read or write, overworked and overstressed educators, no or limited bandwidth. But while these harsh realities exist, there are many schools that have adequate facilities for learning. The SF works on certain assumptions: the school has a computer lab with internet connectivity, learners are literate, educators have (at least) basic ICT skills.

  • The SF searches for “quantum leap” solutions that will have a large-scale impact on education in SA and beyond. As an organisation, it is small and agile enough to focus on innovative approaches to education.

  • The SF is committed to all things “open”: open-source software, open content and creative commons licensing.

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