Opening panel remarks (GLS 2008)

Opening plenary panel remarks by J. Gee, C. Ondrejka, K. Salen, and K. Squire:

  • James Gee: need a new theory of learning for gaming.
  • Cory Ondrejka: game research spans cog psy, CS, organisational development, education – all very exciting and interesting, but we’re still not a field.
  • Katie Salen: need to move beyond pilots and local school projects in a classroom here and there. To broaden the games and learning space we need a common language and vocabulary that people can recognise and relate to, and that doesn’t make the game researchers sounds like cheerleaders.
  • Kurt Squire: the vocab should also differentiate clearly between types of games, simulations, 3D spaces, etc. It is important for the space that the terms do not become diluted where suddenly everything is a game and everyone a game designer.

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