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Reframing assessment: Using social software to collect and organise learning (ED-MEDIA 2008)

ED-MEDIA 2008 paper: Reframing assessment: Using social software to collect and organise learning.

Abstract: Assessment is a fundamental ingredient in the teaching and learning process, yet there is an increasing body of literature expressing dissatisfaction with current assessment policy and practices in higher education that challenges the appropriateness of assessment to address the future needs of students in a rapidly changing information rich environment. The paper will provide a framework for designing assessment with social software and a examples of options for alternative, authentic assessment methods that collect and organise evidence of learning, suggesting that this process can foster the development of self-directed learners, resulting in discretely embedded learning activities that promote problem-solving and knowledge development beyond the boundaries of the classroom and institution.

How can social software be used to reframe assessment?

University students in Anne’s class created a blog (using WordPress) to write as well as collect and publish content — this was their individual portfolio. Also used:

  • Delicious, tag clowds
  • A community site for discussion between students — this became one of the most dominant spaces for interaction
  • A wiki for collaborative tasks

What was found was that the open and social online behaviour made students think about what they publish. They began to critically reflect on the sources of content that they chose to link to. Having the tools to search for and organise content relevant to them and in ways that they choose proved an effective and stimulating exercise for the students.

Author: Anne Bartlett-Bragg, University of Technology Sydney, Australia

Computer Based School System Monitoring with Feedback to Teachers (ED-MEDIA 2008)

ED-MEDIA 2008 paper: Computer Based School System Monitoring with Feedback to Teachers.

Abstract: Educational multimedia focuses traditionally on the design of computer aided learning environments. Evaluation has to be viewed as an essential part of the learning environment. Beyond opportunities provided by its computerization (behaviours tracking, richer interactions, etc.), Computer Based Assessment provides teachers a measurement instrument where their students are put together with larger groups of students on the same assessment scale, using a unique competency model. It provides feedback to teachers that enable them to early detect shortcomings of their courses, pedagogical approach. ICT provides in this case a flexible way for the results collection, feedback reporting raising strengths and weaknesses, assurance of anonymity, data privacy. Moreover, it would give decision makers of the educational system information on the educational system steering efficiency. This paper describes ongoing assessment based on the TAO platform with feedback to teachers done in Luxembourg.

TAO is a free and open-source platform for computer-based assessment at a school, district, national and international level. In Luxembourg, there is a national database of all learners that TAO connects with, thus teachers don’t have to create learner accounts.

Authors: Patrick Plichart, Centre de Recherche Public Henri Tudor, Luxembourg; Gilbert Busana, Université du Luxembourg, Luxembourg; Romain Martin, Université du Luxembourg, Luxembourg; Thibaud Latour, Centre de Recherche Public Henri Tudor, Luxembourg