Benefits of mlearning

MoLeNET, a multi-year project in the UK to explore the role of mobile technologies on learners, teachers and institutions, has found the following benefits of mlearning:

  • increased creativity and innovation;
  • greater ownership of learning by learners;
  • real world problem solving; and
  • the development of complex ideas and knowledge transfer.

According to the second MoLeNET report Modernising education and training: Mobilising technology for learning by Jill Attewell, Carol Savill-Smith, Rebecca Douch and Guy Parker: “handheld technologies proved to be very useful for work-based and vocational learners … and also helped to engage reluctant learners and those who have not previously thrived in educational environments.”

One manager at a college involved in the project had this to say: “It has been almost like having a new baby! The most wonderful, exciting journey and, at times, most tiring and frustrating. The afterglow is that we have created something that will continue to grow and become more stable and more embedded within our culture of delivery.”

One thought on “Benefits of mlearning

  1. I completely agree with Jane’s piocidatren and have long thought that the true strength of eLearning is just-in-time, or embedded training in small chunks. I’ve been advocating for this type of learning for a long time, but management still seems to want courses. Maybe it’s the tracking they want or maybe they need something more tangible. I think there are ways to track usage, even with an LMS, but haven’t found anything yet that is seamless for the learner. One way of tracking is to use web stats. Web Trends and other similar tools can give you some information about how coursels are being used.Web 2.0 technologies also offer ways to track usage. I have seen it implemented, but I’ve thought long and hard about how to make it work. Someday it will happen.

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